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Multienzyme-Probiotics Feed Supplement for pigs.

Description :
PIGZYME is a noval enzyme premix fortified with Lactic ferments and Yeast cultures. PIGZYME not only enhances feed digestibility but also checks growth of pathogens in the pig gut. In piglets, PIGZYME improves feed conversion by 8% and weight gain upto 12% from 4 weeks to 8 weeks.

In grower and finisher pigs, PIGZYME improves the digestibility of antinutritional factors such as galactosides, pectins and phytin phosphorous.

At the finishing stage, PIGZYME improves the digestibility of dry feed matter and crude protein; digestibility of mono and polysaccharides; reduces fermentation in the large intestine, stimulates immunity and prevents drip loss.

PIGZYME degrades phytin phosphorous and releases phytin bound nutrients such as minerals, enymes and peptides for efficient utilization by the animal. This action of PIGZYME is helpful in protecting the environment from phosphorous contamination.

Benefits :

  • Improve appetite, digestion and feed conversion.
  • Reduces incidences of enteric diseases.
  • Reduces mortality and improves survivability.
  • Combats stress during post weaning period.
  • Helps to prevent piglet diarrhoea.


  • Better feed digestibility & feed utilization thereby less manure, less nitrogen excretion & less environment pollution.
  • Less ammonia & scouring.
  • Improved hygiene and health.
  • Improved productivity.

Composition :

  • Enzymes
  • Direct fed microbials
  • S. cerevisiae
  • Hydrolyzed yeast (carrier)

Presentation :
10kg & 25kg Poly laminated paper bags

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