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New Generation All Spores Direct Fed Microbial culture for Piggery

Benefits :

  •     Colonizes in the pig gut and remains in the gut for many days.
  •     Suppress the growth of enteropathogens.
  •     Releases enzymes that destroy pathogenic cell wall.
  •     Releases enzymes that aid digestion to enhance nutritional value of feed.
  •     Germinates in the intestinal environment within 60 minutes of ingestion.
  •     Under goes many germination and sporulation cycle in the digestive tract.
  •     Helps produce short-chains fatty acids in the gut.
  •     Stimulates tissues to produce immunoglobulins A & G.

Composition :

  •     Bacillus Coagulans
  •     Bacillus subtilis
  •     Bacillus licheniformis
  •     Saccharomyces cerevisiac
  •     Saccharomyces boulardii
  •     Total viable count  :  5 bsg
  •     Fortified with Capsicum & Cinnamon extracts

Presentation :
1kg Poly Containers

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