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An essential yeast mineral complex feed supplement to increase lean meat & reduce drip loss in pigs

Description :
The role of minerals in pig growth is well established, particularly Chromium, Selenium and Manganese. Chromium helps to increase lean meat deposition. On the other hand, Selenium plays a very important role in producing lean meat by preventing drip loss and improving meat colour. Manganese increases eye muscle and lean meat content of the carcass.

In sows :
MINPORK™ improves fertility, reduces neonates and still births. Improves immunity in both mother and progeny. Transfers selenium to progeny. Enriches selenium in sows, milk and swine carcass.

In growing pigs :
MINPORK™ improves minerals absorption and utilization and prevents stress related health problems.

In finishers :
MINPORK™ helps to increase lean meat content and reduce drip loss.  MINPORK™ also helps to improve immunity and to reduce stress.

Benefits :

  •     Increases lean meat content.
  •     Reduces drip loss.
  •     Improves colour.
  •     Reduces incidences of PSE.
  •     Improves immunity.
  •     Improves fertility in sows.
  •     Reduces stress related problems.
  •     Protects from pathogenic migration.

Composition :

  •     Manganese proteinate
  •     Chromium proteinate
  •     Selenium proteinate
  •     Natural Vitamin-E

Presentation :
25kg Poly laminated paper bags

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