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All natural speciality Swine feed supplement for complete mycotoxin control

Description :
Diatomaceous earth, a natural siliceous sediment, effectively adsorbs bipolar toxins and prevents them from getting absorbed. It forms a protective coat on the mucus membrane of the digestive tract. By this action, NILTOX increases the resistence power against Coccidiosis.

Specific herbal extracts / phytomolecules in NILTOX stimulate the production of certain enzymes which inactivate the epoxy and ester compounds of Trichothecenes and Zearalenone respectively.

Toxins undergo oxidation to form epoxides and ester compounds. These compounds form DNA adducts, then damage both DNA strand and the whole cell.

Curcuminoids, a natural antioxidant prevents oxidation of toxins, DNA adducts and cell damage.

Benefits :

  • Adsorbs Aflatoxin B1 and other mycotoxins such as Ochratoxin, T-2 toxin and
  • Improves immune response by improving antibody titer.
  • Protects intestinal epithelium from parasites.
  • Enhances response to vaccination.
  • Reduces aflatoxin levels in finished pork products.

Composition :

  •     Curcumin
  •     Selected Phytomolecules
  •     Diatomaceous earth

Presentation :
25kg Poly laminated paper bags

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